Hi I'm Alexander and I'm coding this Minecraft page. I'm going to put up screen shots and videos up here. Hopefully one day I'm going to make a blog :)

Tuturial: How to make a emegencey teleporter (more explosves mod ) 1.make 4/4/4chamber
2.coat the chamber with bedrock
3.use the give commarnd /give (player name) 137 to give self cammond block
4.place cb with redstone repeter agenst cb whith redstone to a redsone torch cennected to anouther redstone torch inside the chamber.
5.place blasting cap by redstone torch
6.put cammond /tp (player name) ,(x) (y) (z)
7.Doen you can go exploring whith out getting lost bye:)



5...4...3...2...1..Blast off!

Hunger Games

Has anyone seen my vacuum cleaner?

Super Seed:-1035966275481758345 Village with about 16 huts at the corodinats of 354 68 -680 try it!

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